We thank our readers for their patience during our first semester of teaching US Food Import Regulation. We will now reaume our normal pace of postings on important developments in food regulation and food labeling.

This week FDA has issued the 2013 update of the Food Code. As our readers know, all 50 US states have now adopted a version of the FDA Food Code.

For the record we list the Food Code annual edition and the number of adopting states: 1993 (2); 1995 (2); 1997 (2); 1999 (7), 2001 (5); 2005 (16); 2009 (16). After 2001, FDA moved to quadrennial updates.

We post below: (1) the 2013 Food Code; (2) the FDA summary of changes from the 2009 Food Code; and (3) the AFDO data on the state law adoption process. (AFDO - Association of Food and Drug Officials)