June 11, 2014  -  Many of us have been following the media-fuss over the FDA Warning Letter to an artesanal cheesmaker in New York State. The over-reaction of the US artesanal cheese industry has now produced a far more negative effect. To slightly mis-quote Shakespeare's Hamlet, these people are now "Hoist by their own Petard".

In the clarification posted below, FDA releases a surprising statistic on the prevalence of Listeria in artesanal cheese facilities that will do significant long-term harm to artesanal cheesemaking.

I have some familiarity with artesanal cheese since I live part of each year in a tiny Italian village where finely crafted cheese is a major part of the local economy. Frankly, I am surprised and dismayed by the Listeria numbers quoted in the Press Release. Someone in the US chese industry should have thought this out a bit more before over-reacting and starting a social-media and press frenzy.