July 16, 2015  -  The House Agriculture Committee has approved and sent to the floor "The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015". This bill, if enacted, will accomplish four objectives: (1) preemption of state level GMO labeling regulation and state level restrictions on GMO crops; (2) establish a national policy on GMO Labeling; (3) establish a national system for "GMO Free" certification; and (4) require FDA to finally issue regulations defining the use of "natural" and similar terms in Food Labeling.

We post below the full text, as currently available from the GPO, of this proposed legislation. Our readers are urged, as always, not to take their information from "the  press" where, often unqualified, reporters tell you "more than they know." Our readers also know that it is a very long process between "Reporting Out" a bill from committee and enactment by both House and Senate and Presidential Signature. Nevertheless, the text of HR 1599 will give the reader a very good idea as to where main-stream scientists and agricultural experts stand on these issues.

Please take time to read the 37-page text of HR 1599.

We will comment on our subjective evaluation of this proposed legislation on the Essays page of our Blog in due course.