July 20, 2015  -  Swiss Reinsurance has issued two reports on the cost of US Food Recalls which topped $15 Billion in 2013.

Among the key findings are: (1) the number of recalls per year in the US has almost doubled since 2002; (2) food contamination costs US health authorities $15.6 billion per year; (3) nearly 9 million Americans became sick from contaminated food in 2013; (4) the median food recall costs the affected company more than $10 million per incident; and (5) a globalized food supply chain is making risk management for food recalls increasingly difficult.

Readers will find the Swiss Re Press Release at:


On this same website, readers will be able to download the two reports discussed in the Press Release.

Food Safety in a Globalised World

Food safety: International regulatory dynamics and the impact on insurance

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