September 12, 2015  -- We call our readers’ attention to Bill Marler’s excellent editorial in Food Safety News (September 9), “Why the CEO and Board Need to Pay Attention to FSMA”, in which he discusses the increasing level of federal prosecutions of food industry executives for regulatory crimes under the FDCA. We cannot attach the Marler article for copyright reasons but it can be read at

On that same day, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates released her policy memorandum to federal prosecutors titled “Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing”. On September 11, Yates also delivered a major policy speech on this subject at New York University.

The DOJ Memorandum and Sally Yates’ speech at NYU are important reading for executives in the food industry, particularly in light of the expanded powers given FDA by FSMA. We attach both the memorandum and the NYU Speech below: