As Food Safety legislation moves forward in Congress, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has emerged as one of the foremost Food Safety advocates in Congress. In March she introduced S-3114, a bill that would require food retailers and distributors to post lists of food products that have been recalled and impose an affirmative obligation notify purchasers about such recalled products.

The Consumer Recall Notification Act would require grocery retailers and distribution centers to list specific recalled products and notify customers who had purchased them within 24 hours after the Food and Drug Administration issues recall.

The final 2010 Food Safety legislation which will emerge from Reconciliation of HR-2749 (Food Safety Enhancement Act) and S-510 (Food Safety Modernization Act) is highly likely to include Senator Gillibrand’s Consumer Recall Notification Act.

Below we have posted S-3114 as well as HR-2749 and S-510