On July 5, the European Parliament will vote on a wide range of proposed changes in food labeling. The full text has remained unpublished, but a preview of the changes was released on July 29 and is posted below.

The contentious "Country of Origin" rules will remain, for now, on "hold" along with trans-fat labeling. FOP (Front of Package) labeling will be required for "imitation foods" whenever substituted for ingredients that would be "normally expected".

Energy content, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, protein, and salt must be stated in tabular form. Additionally, "traffic light" or other graphic presentations of energy values and nutrients will also be permitted.

Allergen labeling will continue as at present with an additional requirement for the highlighting of allergens in ingredient lists.

When the final text is released we will, of course, post the document on this weblog.

Note - As our readers know, in Brussels "EU English" the word "labeling" is spelled "labelling".